Indian truck driver


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Author: Ganesh Shetty


10 thoughts on “Indian truck driver

  1. hrishikesh

    bohot accha banaya re sacchi main

  2. he looks a right puff

  3. ScaniaLover

    but why does he have a ##### on his forehead??

    1. Ever noticed how all blonde Nordic look bald since their hair is so light and skin is so pale?

      Any other inane comments anyone?

  4. hrishikesh

    hey thats a tilak ok its godly!!!!

  5. bhaveshh97

    awsum brother

  6. bhaveshh97

    bro plzz can u make indian skins for this??

  7. a GAYLORD of all gays :))))))))

  8. meet the driver of the Jumping Chapattie lol

    well I guess he will come in handy if someone makes an Elephant mod 🙂

  9. Awesome dude !! U rock…..
    Its Amazing. Can you add more of it ?

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