Indian Velankanni Bus HD Mod

Velankanni to kaliyakkavilai
Paste the file in ets2 mod folder

Skin for Maruti v2 bus

Biju Mon


8 thoughts on “Indian Velankanni Bus HD Mod

  1. lordmodets2

    it is increasingly difficult to understand the relationship of certain moderes with this simulator, is it that some have not yet realized that the name of the simulator is EURO (Europe) TRUCK SIMULATOR ?

    1. You’re stupidly wrong…

      1. Klains, is right you dumbass. People can make whatever they want.

  2. Where can I find this Bus?

  3. Hlo, If you enjoy the realistic truck driving then why should you comes for game mod(Modification ) section. If this mod is wrong then why should you try to modify the original game. People can make whatever they want even alien mods are also there in ets2 then why should bus mods are probhited. If you want you use it otherwise please stay away this is the platform for modders only.

  4. The problem is not “sharing bus mods for a truck sim game”
    The problem is the people who enjoy playing with such ugly mods. You have a fckn bad life on a fckn bad country in a shtty place of the world but you still choose to see the same real life sh.ts in the game too. It’s like a paradox. You people who like such bad/gipsy mods are pathetics! That’s the fact.

    1. Modders from different countries of the world and different nationalities and views – this is first. This is a mods page! Let me write to you that your Germany is #### too and I will not direct you! So f.u.c.k the freak himself a foooooooool!

  5. Bhagwant123

    Is this compatible for ets2 v. 1.31?

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