Indonesian Bus Horn Sounds Pack


Only Scania Truck
If you want to put in another truck you must replace the horn sound or rename scania to your truck

Authors: 18 WoS Haulin Modder, 70Dyan0, MasPrima17


7 thoughts on “Indonesian Bus Horn Sounds Pack

  1. ijin sedot gan

  2. misterbasi

    pidio pakde ?

  3. jowowtrucker

    habis download ini saya jadi kangen naik bis efisiensi lagi hehe…

  4. dhani mahendra

    gan kok klakson gk bisa di pake di versi 1.23.3

  5. Fajar herlambang


  6. Rz_gamers

    Pada katro , lu ga bsa kali pasangnya wkwk

  7. ko gaada link downloadnya gan ?

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