Indonesian Mudflap Trailer v1.2


I forget this mod have a bug, not a bug, but a wrong texture at Container Plain Texture. I am so sorry for a bug mod. 🙂 This is a fixing little bug, The bug is a wrong including texture at Reefer.
Author: r32zabiser


5 thoughts on “Indonesian Mudflap Trailer v1.2

  1. does it work with 1.2.5?

  2. ets2trucker

    is there a link for the scania highline?

  3. mrjenic11

    yes i wloud like link for scania highlin too please :))

  4. Please tell me where the hell did Ya get the graphics mod u have there!!!

  5. Royalexander

    nice work nih agan “r32zabiser”

    ini keterangannya di tambahkan work di versi berapa ..
    biar tidak membingungkan

    please re-edit about explanation text for version for this mod will work..

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