Infexis Ultimate Scania Sound


Works with most Scanias, almost every sound changed and/or perfected.
Raw material recorded from youtube videos, real world trucks. Sounds
like a real V8 diesel with straightpipe exhaust.
Hope you like it, please leave a comment!



26 thoughts on “Infexis Ultimate Scania Sound

  1. What kind of Scania ? Streamline, 2008, Highline or ??

  2. It crashes my game (1.4.8) at load up ๐Ÿ™ Will stick to the previous version.

    1. upgrade to 1.7+ mate

  3. Some of these soundmods crashes many of the trucksounds we have.So they are not always ‘ Ultimate ‘.

  4. Sounds dam gud man! wil test on latest

  5. Thing is i created this mod with almost 10gb of mods in my modfolder and have been using it like this for a few months. So you need to be more specific or otherwise i say its something else crashing your game..

  6. error 404

    without custom defs its not that good tbh. Load sound, who should give the pipe effect, is too low and not that pipy, normal sound is too high and at low rpms not well mixed.

    You should try to make some defs.

    However, for those still searching for best scania sound, try to mix icemans and 143m verbeek pipe sounds, the result is astonishing.

    1. error 404


      but the ones with problems, deactivate all scania sounds you have (new and old trucks) before to avoid interferences and so on.

    2. Obviously i disagree

      1. That was reply to error

        1. error 404

          Obviously, a modern Scania V8 with S-Pipes doesnt sound like that in the cabin, you should go to a truck meeting.

          You should mix it with a proper def file. Other ppl may use other mods with defs, which makes this mod unusable to them.

          1. I created this mod mainly using these two videos for material and i feel pretty satisfied with the result, if you can do it better i will gladly use your mod instead. I am not in it for the fame i just want the best sound for my beauty.



          2. error 404

            I use sounds from other modders, i cant share it by upload…

            If you like your sound, its ok, its just my opinion i gave, as you asked for. To me, its not a Scania V8 from 2009.

            Again, try to create a def, add a load 300-3000 bass sound, add a 300-3000 pipe sound, it will be much better.

          3. error 404

            just clicked both links.

            1rst, your sound is absolutly different, 2nd would fit with mixed def, but its not a R…

            Ill see if i can mix your sounds to a def or ill post a proper R here.

          4. error 404

            here some bass and pipe sound, add them as i explained before in a def file, like that:

            name: “/sound/truck/mercedes3/int/engine_bass_int.ogg”

            looped: true

            pitch_reference: 1800

            min_rpm: 0.0
            max_rpm: 3000.0
            volume: 0.65



            name: “/sound/truck/scania/int/engine_exhaust_int.ogg”
            looped: true
            pitch_reference: 1200
            min_rpm: 300.0
            max_rpm: 3000.0
            volume: 0.25
            is_2d: true

            PS: i will use your ogg to make better 143m sound, my diesel base is not so good. Ill share maybe if its cool

    3. Would you mind coming with a link for those,or do your self an upload with the two sounds mixed ? Thanks.

  7. @error: first of all i dont want you to missunderstand me, i do appreceate your feedback very much. second, the rar you linked is pass protected.

    1. error 404

      oh, im not against your taste too…I try also to make the best.

      dunno what i did with the archive, here it is:

      And here one realistic scania R sound (only interior is finished, ext is not done), rewritten def from iceman and mixed with other sounds:

      Your sound files are good but for 164, 143m, older Scania V8s etc ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. that is impressive, i will use your sound for my secondary truck for change sometimes. good job!

        1. error 404

          Thanks, but i guess the credit is 99% for icemans awesome ogg files, doing a def is not that difficult.

          Anyway, i uploaded the 143m and R sound (completed) in the sound section.

          If you need help for def files, feel free to send me a message on yt via the videos ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. @error: allright i did what you said plus corrected the misstaked in the text you posted but i dont notice any difference at all…..

  8. ComandoreOne

    Hello guys i see some intresting debate here!

    But now i can say one thing is that you bouth error and infexis can drop here as many videos that you want of Strigh pipe and oppen pipe sounds, but one thing i can say error that sound from 2009 scania you show at top yes it sounds not so agressive and you know why ? I will tell you as that exhaust system was build difrently from video that show infexis in his first video, my conclusion is i saw in real life and i many times go for trips with frined owner of an 2008 Scania R500 with stright pipe and his truck is loud as hell makes much more sound that in that two videos you show guys, and that sound is because the way system was build, the engine bhp, the materials used for building exhaust system, and the shop that was doing that system, there are loads and loads factors that makes sound so diferent, you can go and grab Scania R500 v8 2008 and build your exhaust system by your self or go to an shop that is especial for that works and they know how to build it, now i will go and grab the same Scania R500 V8 2008 and go to professianl shop and they will build own exhaust system so now we bouth got same truck, same type of \stright pipes exhaust system\ But they will sound difrent!! from inside and out side, so guys conclusion is as error as you infexis you two are right! Now you can’t make sound mod and say that this how it should sound like! As after this you go to a real worl and hear and see so many types of sounds of trucks and they all have same exhaust system \Stright Pipe\
    So is like rong when some one say that is not sound like Stright pipe, i wold say that it can be as they all sound difrent, and that person who say is rong sound is making him self an full :/

    Best Regards Guys and Respect! ComandoreOne

    You all doing grait mods! I do Respect everyone! I do Respect all modders work!

    This comment its just to clear things out and my own professional point of view.

    Take a care all ๐Ÿ™‚ And from me there is comming new Scania Strigh Pipe Sound Mod Mega Pack the Runners! Check it later ๐Ÿ˜‰ cya

    1. i totaly agree with you, note that i use words like “realistic” and “ultimate” not “real” etc… i state my opinions not facts in the comments, i may be new to modding (this exact mod is actually about a year old) but im not a noob to the trucking world. anyways, thanks you all very much for the feedback i apreceate it very much! peace!

      1. well, i feel so embarrased now because i actually did use the word real in description but i ment realistic, sorry ๐Ÿ™

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