Insects on windshield v 1.1

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Insects on windshield for all Trucks
DLC Cabin Accesories required!
You can buy this in service (curtain).

Version 1.1:
More insects.
More dirty.
Updated models.
No gamelog warnings.
Added MAN TGX Euro6.



5 thoughts on “Insects on windshield v 1.1

  1. DamianSVW

    This is not offical version! 1.1 by DamianSVW comming soon.

    1. uhmm this one doesnt work with volvo eugene, i hope there will be available for volvo eugene as well 🙁

  2. pleasy ##### windsceen .as kamaz 54221 1.35 mod version.thankyou

  3. Warum schreibst du, für alle LKW’s?! Das ist nicht für alle LKW’s!!

  4. The insect curtain do not fit well on the TGX Euro 6 (SCS) XXL. It pop out of the windscreen if you look at it beside.

    Also, please add the TGX Euro 6 (SCS) XLX windscreen.

    This is indeed a very realistic mod. Thanks.

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