Intense Rain v1.3.3

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This mod modifies the amount, behavior, and graphics of raindrops.
We recommend machine specifications as high as possible.
It may be heavy if the specifications are low.

・8/21 ver0.1β

・8/28 ver1.0 release

・8/29 ver1.1 released *improved amount of raindrops and graphics

・8/29 ver1.1.2 unreleased *fixed amount and behavior of raindrops

・8/30 ver1.2 released *fine adjustment of the amount of raindrops. Addition of particles

・9/2 ver1.2.1 released *fixed an issue where adapting a mod would cause it to fall

・9/7 ver1.2.2 released *fixed a bug that the number of raindrops was extremely small
            *changed the behavior of raindrops adhering to the side window

・9/10 ver1.2.3 released *Minor correction

・9/27 ver1.3.0 released *Sound added. Particle modification

・10/6 ver1.3.1 released *The texture of raindrops has been redesigned, and other changes such as behavior and density have been corrected.

・10/7 ver1.3.2 released * Behavior update

・10/11 ver1.3.3 released * Correction of rainfall and behavior



DOWNLOAD 157 MB [mirror]

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  1. Can you make a video off your mod???

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