Inter 9800


Inter 9800 Truck
Tested 1.9 version

Authors: Blinkman, СофтЛабНСК, Ventures, SCS Softwar, Джо


24 thoughts on “Inter 9800

  1. Where can you buy it?

  2. ETS_Cobra

    Volvo and it’s a pile of ###!.

  3. Hi all.
    Sorry for my English. Text translated by Bing Translator
    Good truck. But (there’s always a but …) the interior is very tiring with far-fetched and ridiculous blinds … I don’t know why I didn’t do a clean interior, without those annoying embellishments. Don’t change the Peterbilt 389, even with the Apple and the fly for this truck. It’s a shame …

  4. i liked this Trucks! #### this need new cockpit animation and sound mods ! and two small mirrors you need if you drive this Trucks!


  6. Have it interior and sound?

  7. mercure007

    ?? C’est quoi ces commentaires?? il est tout à fait corect ce camion!? Exterieur superbe, intérieur moyen mais présent et pas affreux, son modifié et correct, et contrairement à ce qui est dit les rétros sont présent.

  8. slylecoco

    Good work !

    Thx for that !

    Is it possible to release a version WITHOUT interior blue curtains ?

    Thx !!

    1. please all moders, make itens of interior to be optionals, mainly the curtains 😉

  9. mercure007

    je revenais pour dire la même chose.^^
    “Remote this interior blue curtains”
    Et je confirme après test, c’est un bon camion (toutefois je trouve qu’il manque un peu de finition sur les passages de roues notament)le son est agréable. Ce camion est plus beau et marche mieux que certains camions du pack “american truck V2″

  10. Video?

  11. #### means an ###. You meant but. Just a friendly correction, for the future.

  12. the truck should be nice but the interior is ugly and the sound is a little bit nice but the horse power make it up to 750HP

  13. @dr_jaymz

    Very nice outside model, very nice detailed wheels, but has no head lights or tail lights and the interior is very low res (hate the blue curtains). The outside and inside sound is very low. I think this is a v1.0 mod, im i right?

  14. where i can get the trailer????

  15. This very good mod and 3d models very good and texture very good but animation and lights bad and interior bad. Can your permission we(mahsamk) can fix it, tnx good luck. Iranian edit and convert group

  16. Where is the truck supposed to be? I can’t find it in the Volvo dealer

  17. Camera in interier is bad!!!

  18. good truck!

  19. nice modelling , ugly ### truck . would love to see a new styled Cab over 2009+ , or a Pete Cab over.

  20. sorry meant to say new styled “KW Cab over” 2009+

  21. pls, pls, pls, fix the errors on game.log.txt and problems above

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