Interior accessories

Only for Scania

Author: Mwl4 vel. Mojżesz


32 thoughts on “Interior accessories

  1. Please, make it for other trucks too, thank you

  2. hi warum kann man den mod nicht downloaden er geht nicht 🙁 mfg

    1. Mr.BreiBrei

      Wie wärs mit DOWNLOAD und dann wieder download? so hats bei mit geklappt.

  3. why can not I download the mod

  4. Sveiki. Kuriai versijai skirtas? man su veikia, bet wisos dalys juodos, bespalwes

  5. 1.2.5

    1. Tai del ko gali neveikt? su kuriais modais negali tinkamai santykiaut?:D

  6. An awesome mod… BUT, too bad it completely mess up all my custom and original paintjobs :/

    1. It may have been a conflict with other mods… It should either been easyer to create “standalone” mods for this game… or the mod-creators need get a bit more “creative” with the contents of their mods.

      All these conflicting mods are annoying and it’s always the cool ones that mess things up ;p

      Either way… It’s still an awesome mod 😉

  7. doesn’t mess up paint for me, but with the TC_mega_mod it doesn’t show up outside, and is left hooker only. Shame ‘cos I really wanted the dash table…

  8. make it for every truck!!

  9. Crashes with other mods, and when i “delete” all mods from MODS folder, ETS doesent work.

    1. I made a similar mistake once too, and I had to re-install the game and start all over from scrach :p.

      I think the problem was that I had saved the game with a truck-mod in my garage and it completely mesed up my save-file when I deleted it from the mod-folder.

      I believe the safest way is to enter the game first and make sure to remove all mods before deleting them from the mod-folder.

  10. Do i have to start a new save ?!?!

    1. Flemmen, all you have to do is drive to a garage, go into upgrade, then take off all modded accessories, default add-ons will not effect your game. Just the mods you have added to the game and actually put on your truck. I believe what happens is, the game is looking for the add-ons you are supposed to have on your truck that you deleted and it causes the game to crash somehow. No need to start a whole new game or un-install. Again, remove mods from truck first, then quit, delete mods from mods folder that you don’t want.

    2. You could try putting all the deleted mods back into the mod-folder… It didn’t work for me though, but it might be worth a try 😉

  11. The reason the paint jobs disappear is because of a conflict with the TC Megamod. It’s because they both try to overwrote the truck’s pmd/pmg files.

    Try to put some zzzzzz’s on the front of the interior’s scs file, maybe that will help. (This does not work when you have “dreiradfahrer’s Scania paint mod” installed, it makes the grille white)

    1. Thanks for the info 😉
      But I don’t have the “TC Megamod”. In my case it seems to conflict with the Scania R Reworked-mod for ver.

      My game works fine with either one or the other, but not with both. Don’t know why.

  12. heyy, great mod (y)
    but, not working for uk cabin, and please creat for other truck (:

  13. Hi
    It does not work for me either, I have also Scania R rework mods, would like that Mods to work,please send me a message if anyone get it to work with other mods!

  14. it conflicts any mod that replaces the scania’s pmd/pmg files

  15. its not work???

  16. dallyborr

    If u use my mod for scania “REWORK” rename it with bunch of letter Z in front and it will work with TC mega mod. By the way there is NEW Scania mod on trucksimsforum.
    Pay attention with that TC mega mod, half of the parts are NOT attached to the truck at all, they just hanging in the air. So if your cabin move, parts stand still in the air.

  17. ok now its work but i dont have skin on truck how to fix???

  18. would be awesome if for right drive trucks!

  19. Hi
    When I try this i cannot switch to another interior for example black interior,anyone why?

  20. PLEEEEASE make this mod for right hand side driver…!

  21. does it work for the 1.3 patch, because it does not show up

  22. Cannot get this file to work at all. Downloaded fine, installed fine, game didnt crash on loading. Just not able to actually use mod 🙁

  23. Just found out why I couldnt get this mod to work, left hand drive only!!! anyway you could make this for right hand drive please??

  24. for which trucks is this mod available?

  25. Trucker 54

    nice work! 🙂

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