INTERIOR ADDON by Wolli [1.40…1.43] [Update 30.12.2021]

Work with all SCS and reworked trucks (EU+UK) how support the new cabin DLC.

And also with some standalone trucks

– also all Scania RJL; MP2+MP3 and Black Edition by Dotec; MAN TGX 2020 by HBB Store; MAN TGX Euro 6 by Madster; MAN TGX 2015 by Gloover; Ford F-Max by Emre Aydın, Bertan Baday, SimülasyonTÜRK, SiSL; Volvo FH5 by Virtual Service

!!!You need Cabin DLC from SCS for this mod!!!

For the best result, use the tables by Racing: Truck Tables by Racing




2 thoughts on “INTERIOR ADDON by Wolli [1.40…1.43] [Update 30.12.2021]

  1. Cracking mod! i’ve been after not only curtains, but a TV, and Carplay. my only suggestion is. with the carplay, it would be good to have an iphone option not just a samsung phone option as carplay is for apple phones. but great mod.

  2. Sam Viper Transporte

    Hallo Wolli
    Könntest du vielleicht auch ein paar schöne Autoradios hinzufügen die Beleuchtet sind? Wäre echt toll Danke.

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