Work with all SCS and reworked trucks how support the new cabin DLC. And also with some standalone trucks

– New Actros 2019 by myself and the Actros Crew
– Scania by RJL
– All XBS Trucks
– MP2+MP3 and Black Edition by Dotec
– MAN TGX 2020 by HBB Store, MAN TGX 2015 by Gloover
– Ford F-Max by Emre Aydın, Bertan Baday, SimülasyonTÜRK, SiSL

Update for 1.48.5



4 thoughts on “INTERIOR ADDON BY WOLLI [1.48.5]

  1. Schlongo McNugget

    Fake. Wolli didn’t update this since august. And he wouldn’t upload it here for sure ’cause the only official source for this mod is the SCS forum.

    1. indeed …

      Stop the mod stealer !!

  2. Sam Viper Transporte

    True words.
    All you have to do is search for Wolli’s mods on Google and if you can’t find anything from the SCS forum, then it’s a fake.

  3. Finger Pfoten lassen das ist ein Virus ich danke dir wegen dir habe ich jetzt ein Virus auf meinen Rechner findest das cool Leute auf dem Rechner Virus zu machen ne

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