INTERIOR ADDON by Wolli v1.4.3.1

Changelog v1.4.3.1
– add MAN F2000 by XBS Mods
– add 2019 Interior for MAN TGX by Gloover
– add Iveco S-way by H&W Trucks and Tuningparts (release soon)
– add Löschzwerg (toystand)

Version 1.4.3
– fix side curtains DAF 2021 XF
– fix front and site curtains Volvo FH5 by Virtual Service

Version 1.4.2
– fix error curtaisn DAF XG
– fix small bugs
– add Mercedes SK by XBS
– add Volvo FH3 by johnny244
– add Volvo FH5 by Virtual Service
– add DAF 2021 by jasper
– add 14 pennants include a custom one
– add parrot system (set_lglass)
– add Garmin GPS (set_lglass)
– add dog Pug (toyseat,toybig,toybed)
– add dog Dobermann (toyseat,toybig,toybed)
– add dog Malinois Shepard (toybed)
– add radio screen and phone DAF 2021 (toyac)
– add PDA (Professional Driver Assistant) (toyac,set_lglass)
– add Candle Arch (table slots)
– add Santa Claus (table slots)
– add Briefcase (toyseat)

Version 1.4.1
– fix radio screens for Volvo FH16 2012
– fix Dashboard errors on some Trucks
– open the mod for customization, but log the PMG’s

Version 1.4
– fix shifter RJL UK
– fix shifter RJL 4 series
– add Mercedes Actros MP3 by Dotec
– add MAN TGX 2020 by HBB Store
– add DAF 2021 by SCS
– add MAN TGX 2015 by Gloover
– add Ford F-Max by Emre Aydın, Bertan Baday, SimülasyonTÜRK, SiSL
– add cabels to Waeco converter
– add 3 variants off food (table slots)
– add trucker shoes (toybig)
– add 2 versions Stabo XM 4060E CB radio (toyhang)
– add 2 radio screens Scania S+R Exclusive (toyac)
– add radio screens Scania S+R Standard (toyac)
– add 2 radio screens Volvo FH16 2012 (toyac)
– add smartphone with screen/GPS for all Trucks (toyac)
– add Kirk Coffemaker (tables slots)/(toybig)
– add 2 Kirk Coffemakers for Scania NG S+R (toystand)
– add Kirk Coffemaker for Scania R + Streamline (SCS) (toystand)
– add Kirk Coffemaker for Scania RJL 5+6 Series Interior (toystand)
– add Kirk Coffemaker for Scania RJL 4 Series Interior (toystand)
– add Kirk Coffemaker for Mercedes Actros 2014/2019 (toystand)
– add Kirk Coffemaker for Volvo FH16 2012 (toystand)
– add 3 new looks for blanket (toybed)
– add Orthodox Cross (toyhang)
– add polar beer (table slots)
– add gloves (table slots)
– add Koleka badge (toyhang)
– add flask (table slots)
– add Senseo Coffeemaker (table slots)
– add Moka pot (table slots)
– add side curtains (int.backlight)
– add GoPro HERO8 (toyhang;table slots)
– add glass lightboxes (driver plate;codriver plate)
– add e-cigarette (table slots)

Version 1.1
– fix curtains error Renault Range T
– reworked all models
– add 2 varaints Blanket (toybed)
– add Banana (tables;toystand)
– add Nintendo Switch (tables;toystand)
– add T-shirts (bed and toybig)
– add Dreamcatcher (toyhang)
– add Waeco PerfectPower PP100 (toybig)
– add Veedol Woman (toyhang)
– add Vabis Logo (toyhang)
– add Kebab (tables;toystand)
– add Jesus cross (toyhang)
– add Gameboy Retro (tables;toystand)
– add DAF shifter (toybig)
– add MAN shifter (toybig)
– add Scania shifter (toybig)
– add Eaton Fuller shifter for Scania (toybig)
– add Volvo shifter (toybig)
– add Scania T and 4 series by RJL
– add Scania T 2016 by HRS Mods
– add Scania R by Fred.
– add Actros 2019 by ActrosCrew
– add MAN TGX Euro6 by Madster



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    False link! Original from SCS Forum; https ://

  2. Webbo's Simulation Gaming

    HD English review with original link:

  3. gkvfjx gaming

    scania 3 series ,
    113M and 143M interior addon pls

  4. 1.46 Update Please

  5. Hermann Empunkt

    1.46 Update Please

  6. Sam Viper Transporte

    Hallo Wolli
    Können wir wieder mit einem Update für v.146. hoffen?? Ich finde deine Arbeit echt Super. Von mir gibts 10 Daumen nach oben. 😉

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