Interior camera mod


This mod changes interior camera view.
Tested with: 1.3.1 version.
Author: Nícolas Dapper


16 thoughts on “Interior camera mod

  1. Dapper you dumm F… find a better uploader,so we can download it.

  2. Only for Scania???

  3. Waited for this ever since started the game… Camera was always too high… Brilliant…. Register 4shared with Facebook or use a different mobile browser to download it if have problems…. I use dolphin browser… Don’t always work on others

  4. Using it for daf… So guess for all trucks

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    Alternative link please?


    Freddy Jimmink

      1. Nicolas Dapper

        #####. Who gave you permission to put my mod on other sites?

        1. You don’t owe the world you dumm fuc…

  6. Too low for magnum…

  7. Too bad you can not take home mode without Registering with. Poor.

    1. DigitalVei

      It only took a minute to register.
      Cheer up 🙂

  8. Dåligt att man måste registera sig.

    1. Bad that you must register separately.

  9. Using this mod for man truck,.. don’t usually drive it much but with this camera ya see lot more of the interior rather than the window…. Now my favourite truck

  10. It’s not a rocket science and takes only few minutes to adjust the interior camera position/angle to meet your own preferences for any truck once you figure out the definition file structure and parameters’ values. Doh! – use this or another similar mod as a reference and be a master yourself!

  11. Nicolas Dapper

    I am very happy to see my mod here on the site!!

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