Interior GPS Remover

Interior GPS Remover from all trucks
This mods remove only integrated GPS



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19 thoughts on “Interior GPS Remover

  1. Waltencyr Gonçalves Filho

    I did not understand the purpose of the mod. Why remove the GPS?

    1. bo możesz mieć nawigacje na szybie a po ch**a mieć dwie nawigacje??

  2. nonsens !!!!

  3. dünnschisss

  4. Good idea

  5. And this can be remove from options OMFG hahahaha

  6. Excellent !!!!! just what I needed !!!
    thank you very very very much

  7. Andreas71

    Ich finde diesen Mod schon praktisch, früher gab es auch kein GPS und man musste sich anhand der Verkehrsschilder orientieren.

    LG Andreas

  8. This is the stolen part of the Alexey.P mod: The difference is that the”manifest” file is edited and the author Alexey.P was changed to Kizo.P and the text in Russian was removed from the file”info.txt”. All credits for the AUTHOR -Alexey.P

  9. Nordic Driver

    big thanx. i wait this mod!

  10. If GPS is removed please put radio there don’t leave it blank

  11. Good Idea. Gps on HUD is much better.

    1. Trucker_Schmitt

      @Edivad – HUD-GPS (press F3) is better because you get more information (hired drivers for example).
      And no one drives with TWO GPS devices at same time.
      Therefore it is good to get rid of the built-in Truck-GPS.

  12. working with scania RJL?

  13. Please upgrade to new Man TGX Euro6

  14. Happyterror

    Please update, no compitible scania s

  15. Olá, se ainda está vivo, atualiza para nós
    não funciona na versão 1.35 do ets

  16. Working with RJL?

  17. It doesnt work on 1.44 i think

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