Interior Lights by Andis Kreps V4

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Interior Lights for all trucks, tested on latest game version


V1 – Streamline, Hi-way, FH2012
V2 – New XF
V3 – Actros 2014
V4 – NextGen Scania’s (S&R)

All previous versions you can find here in, but why to use the old versions, if there is the new one! 😉

Respect the original download link (ShareMods – Andis_Kreps)

Andis Kreps, SCS Software


12 Responses to Interior Lights by Andis Kreps V4

  1. Alex_Moty says:

    Why does not the light in the cab turn on “O”?

    • Andis Kreps says:

      Because, if you will tur them with O, your trailers beacon will turn on 😉

  2. Johnny_91 says:


    can you make the light to light up the complete interior, not only the front part ?
    SCS still not included a proper cabinlight into their trucks, so im looking for something like that. 🙁

    Best regards, Johnny

    • JoachimK says:

      I think, that will be all ok, when the final Patch ic coming out. 😉

  3. Terje Lahaug says:

    Dont work for me,anyone that can help?

    • Nazgul says:

      Doesn’t work for me either.
      Never found any Interior light mod that actually does work.

      • Andis Kreps says:

        I tested it on 1.30. Everything works perfect 🙂

        • Terje Lahaug says:

          How do you get them to work if you dont turn them on using o?

        • pkwpkw12 says:

          Don’t work on my V1.30 ETS2. Try to press ‘O’ key continuous but don’t work

  4. Yerdian Smit says:


    What’s the button to turn on the cablight?

  5. Pipe says:

    Hello, can you please tell me how to install?

  6. Truckernirnoy says:

    So disgusting. everyone want to know how activate the interior light mod..But still the author didn’t respond it is very bad. If you creator of mod the you will be telling the whole activation of mod and a video also in youtube..

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