Interior lights for all trucks Fix


Hello, this is fixed trucks interior lights.Just put this file to your
mod folder, and in service add lights near the beacon, and press O,
thats it.Many colors. Tested with 1.7.1 game version. Enjoy 🙂



20 thoughts on “Interior lights for all trucks Fix

  1. uploader site is down…plz upload in diffrent host

    1. The old link Works fine??

  2. link is not working
    please reupload


    I can not get the light to work. it flashes only

  4. its not working

  5. with which button the light comes on because I do not work in version 1.7.0

    1. “Tested with 1.7.1 game version” OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

      1. So it only works in 1.7.1 Version?
        Because I use and it doesn’t work.
        I mean I can install the lights but they just don’t turn on.

  6. Working on all trucks except IVECO HIGHWAY which I drive most 🙁

  7. It is true mod does not work. It flashes one time and after disappear. For me it is not working on Renault Magnum. Can you fix this problem. Please

  8. Trucker Melli

    schade, genau der gleiche mist wie bei deinem vorgänger mod der innenbeleuchtung…punkt 23uhr geht die beleuchtung aus und flackert nur noch…echt unbrauchbar….

  9. enrique borda

    como se abre para encender las luces

    1. se prenden con la tecla “O” pero no funciona porque parpadea y no queda fijo

  10. Gerardo ETS2

    Oigan esto no funciona ni prende, aprieto la tecla “O”
    y no sirve, como se hace? (¡quiero respuesta rápido!).

  11. Not working at all, only flickers, tested it with 1.7 version.
    Hope someone fixes this mod for 1.9

  12. Downloaded this mod today on 1.9 and works perfectly i like the red good work it would be good to make the light clearer from the outside

  13. Multihagen

    Which button turn tha lightes ???

  14. Multihagen

    Which button turn the lights??

  15. Hello can you please make it for 1.12.1s

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