Interior Park for Scania RS 2.2

Interiors for Scania RS
There will be three variants of the interior in the archive.
In the white interior, the shelf is also painted white
The version (V2) has different instrument panels.



4 thoughts on “Interior Park for Scania RS 2.2

  1. 暗示法


  2. Johnny Rotten

    All truckers know that you can’t have anything covering the bottom of the windshield, why don’t you do things properly.

    1. Ageratos125rus

      I do as I please and let people use

    2. scaniatrucker73

      If you are talking about that stoneguard: that’s an option/accessory on the RJL Scania, it’s not there by default.
      So it can be removed and the bottom of the windshield isn’t covered anymore.

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