Interior Sound Mod for all Trucks


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Changed the sound of engines in the cockpit, he became louder.
balanced sound engine on the street.
found their sound from the game Austrian Truck Simulator
Game Version 1.9.22

Author: man3Dfan


10 thoughts on “Interior Sound Mod for all Trucks

  1. super sound! (y)

  2. virtual_trucker

    This sounds not realistic, every interior is isolated so it can’t be sound like this.
    If you be a trucker would you sit hole day in this loud sound, would you?

    No, that’s why they isolate the cabin from hard noises, course the driver get a headache form it.

  3. nice mod. sounds good. i agree with virtual_trucker though. but at the end of the day, its not real trucking, its a simulator and simulators are like games. why play a game if you cant hear the sounds properly. yes their a bit loud but it isnt hard to turn the volume down but it isnt the same when the standard sounds are too low. always best to be loud, why would modders be doing v8, open pipe, straight 6 sounds etc. those are all louder than the originals so give the guy a break.

  4. Thumbs up !! Have miss that. Lovely Mod.

  5. Very good, thank you. It’s not realistic, but useful.

  6. there’s a problem with this mod.It crashes when you drive Volvo trucks.Fix that man 😀

  7. Thanks.
    Improves the sound for my taste.
    If it’s not realistic, not using it.
    If you want realism buy a truck for real and not a game.

  8. You could always pretend the window is open 🙂

  9. Thanks for this, and don’t listen to some of the negative comments, im a real life trucker and can tell you it is very defined in the cab, not ear busting, but enough to hear your revs and smooth gearing.

  10. Chris king

    virtual_trucker : ets and ats is truck sim.. mods are made so each player can add features that meets their preferences … personally I love to ear engine sounds so this mod fits me … in real life I’d probably prefer a quiet cabin on a long job but hey gaming is made to play 😉

    Good mod

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