International LoneStar Tractor Truck


– Mounted Based on Kenworth T680 Truck
– Outside cabin (LoneStar)
– Inside (LoneStar)
– Tested version 1.23.s
– 3 original cabins
– 3 fender
– 4 chassis
– Buy in the showroom scania
– Activate the two files.

SCS, Franck


6 Responses to International LoneStar Tractor Truck

  1. losevo58 says:

    Ошибок в логе, море!!!
    Errors in the log, the sea !!!

  2. Mikael79 says:

    Stand alone?or not?

  3. rv3wu says:

    Вылетает при попытке установить капотные зеркала.

  4. klm says:

    Добавлю ещё один баг, Неправильно работают поворотники (вид снаружи).

  5. franck says:

    well it’s true it has some bugs and accessories and in some more good. that is for another version will be solved thanks

  6. Space Cam says:

    can you do this mod for version 1.22.XX and fix bugs, why all these mods are just for 1.23 and can you the regular bmw x6 for 1.22 as well and not in 3D . thanks.

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