International Prostar Update


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– Standalone
– Three variants of the cabin
– interior
– HQ
– Painted
– A lot of tuning
– Lightmask
– Wheels
– Bump
– AO

-Added new tuning parts
-Changed wheels textures
-Fixed animation in interior
-Changed textures
– Redone some bump parts in interior
– Fixed mirrors

Use original link please.

SCS, franck, Dominique, mc40in, Fenix


4 Responses to International Prostar Update

  1. swiftrans says:

    nothing inside the truck works at least test the mod before releasing it the truck still needs a ton of work and the day cab version doesnt have those things on the tires i forgot what they are called just work on the truck dont waste the time you can use to make it better used for uploading i remember the first int prostar which everyone hated keep up the work.

    • CandyK4ne says:

      new account drive test


  2. Dado-J says:

    Dashboard not working. I lose orientation. Bad job.

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