International-1 International-2

Tested: 1.3.1 version
Replace: Iveco Truck

Author: actros 29


4 thoughts on “International

  1. sorry but i video shows bad textures and again is not interior, large errors
    good iveco truck but I do not want witch you should visit otherwise good work

  2. What no engine compartment as seen from inside cab!!No exterior mirrors on exterior of truck. That ok if you stay parked in repair lot!!!!

  3. Look can i just say this IF you make a mod and have a video MAKE SURE That you have fixed any problems remember that the video is a way of Selling it you gotta Show that “here’s what i’ve moddded,100 percent good looking,no bugs and really this video has made me not download this mod i was looking at the pic’s and it looked good but then i saw how bad it was…

  4. lol ### it looks like it has no windshield and the steering wheel looks retarded i was excited but not anymore

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