Invisible BDF Trailer

BDF-Trailer-1 BDF-Trailer-2

With this mod you can drive you BDF truck without have a trailer, same in real life! Is more realistic because you have the load on your truck-trailer. Tested on BDF trucks mod and work. Hope you enjoy that! 🙂

Author: scaniamatteo


15 thoughts on “Invisible BDF Trailer

  1. Black13Gangs

    Thanks for the mod finally give something too 😀 only has the No visible trailer also Collision?

  2. Has anyone tested if it really works?
    Hidden trailer and no collision?

  3. Black13Gangs

    Let’s tested out 😀

  4. It works perfectly! You just pull reverse to ramp… no collision, no errors. Perfect work for BDFs many thanks to the creator!

  5. Not working respectively not good working. Inside cabin you have trailer collision in reverse drive, in curves also.

    Conclusion: good idea but does not work.

  6. Adammisch

    So this is basically a reupload of FlemmingVs no trailer mod..

  7. SO basically a reupload of flemmingVs no-trailer mod. Great work m8. This mod is reported

  8. Black13Gangs

    what do you think he has the mod chic nicked times then the link of the original modder

  9. aggiungi anche l’autore originale, questa è una vecchia mod
    e non fare il furbo

  10. Adamisch and zoso you´re just … forget it. For me it works perfect. Maybe you schould try and make own mods? Or help others out? No… just report here, wrong author there. And guess-work ( Adamisch, I remeber you! )

    1. I said to also add Original author and just,
      When rework mod (by other authors) the first thing I do
      I insert the credits.
      if I can help everyone in my mod you can find photos and even video explanation (why do not speak English)
      before you speak you have to think about what you say???
      open your eyes ? is controlled ? ?

      1. Nice skins… anyway… Its always recommended to add the original author, sadly in this community not everyone does! I also make skins and some modding too, but I don´t expect that some other can`t do it too! Why is every mod, that exists, and recreated by someone else a stolen or copied mod? If he do it by himself he is the author… unless its proven wrong! Even then nobody can blame him. Before I say add original author… I remeber in what community we are living… and I can write my opinion here… thats why a response-function is here. But I see its a nice community… with lovley words for everyone!

  11. solaris36

    I have a mod made for months on the basis of a Russian gazelle and compatible with DragonModz sprinter too. It works perfectly for loading and unloading. The problem with invisible trailers is reverse gear. Trailer turns left or right and not fit with square to unload. I have solved this problem and really works ok.
    I did not think I could be of interest to the community, so I have not uploaded …
    (Excuse my poor english and google translator XD).

    1. So sad you didn´t upload it! But I understand that… ” Orignal Author”… The reverse to unload is indeed a problem.

  12. Ahad Bareng Ahmad

    How to unload it? I cant finish the job because the trailer wont parked.

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