Iranian Map By Farzad Ghadiri v 0.1 BETA

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This map tested on Euro Truck Simulator 2 V 1.32.x | 1.33.X

is Map as standalone and you need a create New profile .

with New Company logo
New Model ( Amir Mahdavi – Sohail Ataei )
New City
Reality Roads
and more…

⚠️ Attention

This map Have a Ester Eggs !
You should find 10 Hidden HotDog Man On the map
Can you find everyone ?

Download Full Save For This Map
Download :

Full map : Farzad Ghadiri | Models : Amir Mahdavi – sohail ataei

DOWNLOAD 229 MB [ur-files]
DOWNLOAD 229 MB [Sharemods]

7 thoughts on “Iranian Map By Farzad Ghadiri v 0.1 BETA

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33…

  2. rob suter

    Please tell me you are gonna be doing more work to this map and give us more places to drive. I would really love to know your future plans for this map.

    1. Hey rob

      Yes, new and more complete versions will be released soon

      tnx my friend

      1. mehrab rjl 8000

        eyval haji??

  3. The map is awesome but there is a small bug you dropped a prefab on top of the road cant remember the city forgot to take a screenshot but its at the end of the freeway I think its the 750km road just before the round about there is a bug. but everything else is awesome

  4. Mustafa Esmeray

    Hello, the map you made is nice but you have to connect to Europe. You need to reconfigure the scale. Combine to YKS Turkey map. If there is a problem with re-scaling, contact Arayas. If you can connect to Europe there will be very good downloads. I like your map. However, rescale the map.

    1. Actually he should do this

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