Iranian map


Author: Farzad


15 thoughts on “Iranian map

  1. it is possible to use with default map and current profile? after patch 1.4.1? Or is necessary start new profile?

  2. Map not work.

  3. Well it does not work with the 1.4.1 patch as i just tried it

    1. trucker richy

      @ colin. I tried it on 1.4.1 too mate, and you’re right, it does not work. Shame cause it looks nice

  4. @ Trucker Richy. I know mate does look good it is either it does not support 1.4.1 or it is incomplete is what comes up

    1. trucker richy

      @ colin Lets hope the author manages to fix it, and get it running on 1.4.3 as it is now called

  5. @ trucker richy 1.4.3 I ain’t getting it nothing wrong with the 1.4.1 problem is people have #### laptops or computers that don’t work properly or the requirements are no where near what they should be. SCS should stop wasting our time with patches that are useless and don’t have new cities or conuntries in them

    1. trucker richy

      I totally agree colin mate. I didn’t have any of the issues with 1.4.1 that others were having like the traffic lights never changing, or the indicator stick animation not working, I found it perfectly fine, but I loaded up the 1.4.3 just to make sure lol. Only issue I had was with the Volvo, but that was due to a mod I had installed and it clashed with the new patch, so I just have to find out what mod it is and farm it off into my bin lol

  6. thanks work in 1.3.1

  7. Thalles Tirloni

    Opa,uso a verçao 1.4.8 e nao funciona,alguem ajuda ai? obg 😉

  8. Amigos!
    Parabéns pelas postagens, favor enviar-me o link corrigido deste MAPA Iranian.
    Aguardando, grato.

  9. Eddie Twele

    Map Does’t work with version 1.7.0

    1. yes not working . only 1.3.1

  10. euro truck 2 1.7.1

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