İrizar İ8 İntegral (1.43 Update)

2 engine sounds
2 retarder voices
reversing camera
10 company skins
High model quality
High texture quality
Customizable company skin and license plate

2 adet motor sesi
2 adet retader sesi
Geri görüş kamerası
10 adet firma kaplaması
Yüksek model kalitesi
Yüksek kaplama kalitesi
Özelleştirilebilir firma kaplaması ve plaka

Project Owner: OyunyusBisMods
Model : jekich
Model Edit Convert Artin Kazancıyan
Fmod Audio : EVR – Freelance – Kriechbaum
Skinpack : Beybedros – Burak Bıkmaz – Abdullah Zengin


7 thoughts on “İrizar İ8 İntegral (1.43 Update)

    1. Hey faisad1
      This is OLD video, lol wff :/

  1. doesn’t work please fix

  2. MohSkinner

    Not working Tested now

  3. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 //🚌🚌// Irizar i8 (Retarder + Engine Sound Therapy) [1.43]

  4. does not work.

  5. Hello again. After a little bit of testing, now it works.

    Apparently, this mod has to be the last one on priority list, otherwise, it will have conflicts with other mods.

    Really nice bus. Love it!

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