Irnbru skin for Scania


Only works with Scania

valby member of team euro truck simulator 2 skins


10 thoughts on “Irnbru skin for Scania

  1. dont work for me

  2. Kenneth Mühlbrandt author valby

    if you use tsm3.5 or a lower version of the game than 3,1 yes then it dont work i can make a skin so it works with tsm map

  3. yes im useing tsm 3.5

    1. Kenneth Mühlbrandt author valby

      give me 5 minutes ill change it

      1. nice thank you

  4. Kenneth Mühlbrandt author valby

    only need an approved then its up

    1. ok thx

      1. can you give me the link in the comments. its so slow to change the entry.

  5. its so slow to change the entry…

  6. I think when it would look a lot better with standard grey grill.

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