Italian League Trailers

Pack of 20 trailers of football teams of the Italian league, also working in traffic. Do not re-upload, thanks



3 thoughts on “Italian League Trailers

  1. Dude, really? Do you have any knowledge of the italian football? How can you put “Si puo riposare quando si muore” as a slogan for Lazio? That’s not a slogan for ANY football team. Lazio’s slogan is “Noi l’amiamo e per lei combattiamo”! Please fix it, otherwise your work can obviously be marked as a fully amatorial one!

  2. Sorry, but my job has cost me to do all this. If you do not like it you are free not to download it. This is a page of mods of a game not of football connoisseurs. Since you know so much you create it and you put what you consider.

    1. Well, since you admit that you don’t know anything about the italian football, it’s fine for me. Thank you for your reply.

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