Italy Map v 1.1 [1.27.xx]

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This mod add the Italy to the default Map.
This version includes only part of Italy, the complete map is in advanced stages of development and will be released as soon as it is finished.

This map is compatible with ALL the DLC.
It isn’t compatible with the maps mods that include Italy.

Version 1.1:
* Compatibility patch 1.27
* Fixed invisible wall near Lucca
* Fixed invisible wall near Imola
* Added road markings to highway intersections
* Added missing names to streets
* Placed Tower of Pisa
* Added writing “STOP” for paving
* Added triangle Give Way for paving
* Fixed floating elements
* Minor Fix

– Parma
– Modena
– Genova
– Bologna
– Imola
– Ravenna
– La Spezia
– Lucca
– Pisa
– Firenze
– Livorno
– Siena
– Ancona
– Perugia
– Roma
– L’Aquila
– Pescara
– Civitavecchia

Tested 1.27

Renzo248, Deco13, FLD for prefabs


40 thoughts on “Italy Map v 1.1 [1.27.xx]

  1. Priority of installation?

  2. Crash!

  3. This can not be right,only 77 mb

  4. download it from the promods website

  5. hello
    sorry to say but there are know scs files in this map only the tzmap..
    and it as to be wrong because only 77mbs can you help fix this..

    1. quote from SCS Software… forumthread


      Download the five files in a whatever folder. The files,, and can be copied directly into the mod folder ETS2.
      The ets2_prefabs_packed_18_0_by_fld.rar file is an archive and must be extracted. The the extracted file tzmap.scs file must be copied to the mod folder of ETS2.
      In the mod manager, load the five files.
      It is not necessary but it is possible to change the extensions of the files from .zip to .scs. “

  6. Full map links:

  7. thank you for your help in this…

  8. onoritalia

    Non funziona il gioco esce al caricamento!

  9. It works,thank you 🙂

  10. Jest może też mapa na wersje 1.26 czy nie ma

  11. Funziona alla grande versione del gioco 😉 perfetto grande

    1. leosaba73

      Ciao sono anche uno streamer su twitch nel canale leosaba73 con il gioco in oggetto e il G29 della Logitech.
      Mi insegneresti a fare il backup dell’ originale e poi successivamente installare la Mod ?

  12. Mooie map echt Italie zeer goed gedaan boy s

    1. Hoe heb jij die sii files derop geflikkert??? Ik probeer me een ongeluk met als resulaat da ik men PC door de venster ga gooien!!

  13. Nice+map+and+great+scenery.+This+is+the+way+up.

  14. non trovo i file scs li decomprimo ma non ci sono come devo fare?grazie

    1. Ti spiego: sono 5 file o cartelle (chiamale come ti pare)
      4 file sono .zip non devi estrarli,
      l’inserisci direttamente nella cartella mod del gioco
      l’unico file che devi estrarre è: ets2_prefabs_packed_18_0_by_fld.rar ( questo è un file .rar)
      trovi il file tzmap.scs e inserisci nella cartella mod e attivi tutto.
      Anche Mike ha spiegato,se hai ancora problemi Goba ha inserito dei link cliccabili sui commenti in alto.
      Di + non posso fare!

  15. Beautiful

  16. Sarah1224

    Thanks guys this map is GREAT!!! I specially love those many cities, factories, houses beside the highways, roads which we passing. You should definitely try to work with ProMod team and implement that map into their map. Also would be nice to see the whole Italy with Sicilia. There is one problem though …. when i came from Lucca i think to Pisa right after i get down from highway is one bridge with invisible wall on the middle and i slam into it with full force. At the end i finally get through after many tries and some damage to my truck. Try to repair that please. Otherwise great work, thank you.

    1. Sarah1224

      pic of that bridge with position:

  17. Without the explanation, I’d not have got it to work, and I consider myself advanced.

    I’ve seen .zip files go directly in the mod folder in other maps, but the “text” file threw me. A compressed text file ? Odd to me!

    Anyway, I have taken a wee drive ~ no opinion yet.

  18. Sarah1224

    It is easy.

    Open this file ets2_prefabs_packed_18_0_by_fld.rar file … and you will get …. ets2_prefabs_packed_18_0_by_fld folder and in that folder is …. tzmap.scs.
    Put tzmap.scs into the mod folder of the game.

    Leave all 4 other files as they are, do not open them.

    and put all four into the mod folder of the game.
    After that start the game open mod manager in the game and load them.

    I loaded
    first: DecoModel
    second: italydef
    third: italymap
    fourth: decodefmap
    fifth: prefabs18 ….

    after i accepted the changes i continue the game and it works.

  19. Ist einwandfrei. Geht mit RusMap 1.7.2. Wonderful!!!!!?

  20. Muckenberg


  21. Всё хорошо,спасибо)))

  22. 1.+Invisible+wall+Nagel+La+Spezia

  23. What kind off BS is this??????? Only ONE SCS file and the rest in a goddammed sii??? Why not all in a SCS file??
    Djeez,i am a noob at PC,so dont let me #### on my PC GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    1. Sarah1224

      You are an big BS …. this is great map and i explained everything a few posts up, noob. You don’t need to unrar the other 4 files because they are in zip format and game recognise both scs and zip formats. Just put that scs file and other four into your mod folder and start the game. Gezzzzzzzzzzzzz how many more time will have to explain this?????????

  24. Test Video —

  25. czy+jest+tez+mapa+wcześniejsza+do+wersji+

  26. Grazie per l’aggiornamento (Google Translate)

  27. heavygamer70

    works also fine with NORTH MAP V 1.0

  28. heavygamer70

    Invisible wall in La Spezia, entrance for Euro Goodies, pls fix it!!!

  29. Is it compatible with the Promods?

  30. Still the invisible wall between Pisa and Lucca…

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