Iveco 180 NC/NT

It includes both the drive and bdf versions.
In this second version we have the body, the tarpaulin, the concrete mixer, the tank and the refrigerated truck available.
Wide range of semi-trailers and trailers.
Three different semi-trailers, flatbed, tarpaulin and without sides.
All with the addition of its own loads.
For trailers we have the tank, the box, the tarpaulin, the refrigerated trailer and the onion trailer. Both two and three aces.
And in addition a real gem! The Ghost Trailer! This particular trailer is invisible.
The truck also has its own customizable interior, its own sounds, abundant tuning and can also be combined with other mods.

Successfully tested on version 1.49

Antonio 62, Baltazar


One thought on “Iveco 180 NC/NT

  1. Rácz Béla

    What a nice Truck! The engine has not much horsepower, but very good torque. And the gearbox shifts perfect. Thank you for this nice mod, greetings from switzerland Béla Ràcz

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