Iveco 190-38 Equalizer Sound Pack (Cummins, CAT)

his mod adds new Engines with own sounds to İVECO 190-38 EQUALİZER and new spicer transmissions

– cat 3406 500
– cat 3406 550
– cummıns 220 nh220
– cummıns 220 nh440
– cummıns 220 nh600
– cummıns 220 nh750
– cummıns nhs275 275 supercharged
– cummıns nhs275 550 supercharged
– cummıns nhs275 675 supercharged
– cummıns nhs275 825 supercharged
– 5 spicer transmission(they have big final ratios so you cant go with 150 kmh)

all engines have own torque curve and specifications.



One thought on “Iveco 190-38 Equalizer Sound Pack (Cummins, CAT)

  1. Guy, reported for stolen sounds, the sound the author is vsTerminus, respect the modders…

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