Iveco EuroStar (reworked)

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I downloaded and tested the EuroStar by Diablo on, but I realized that a couple of things, like the engines equipped on it, aren’t accurate at all like in real life. So I edited the settings of some files and, on the other hand, I also added something special for this amazing truck: my sound mod for the 520 HP V8 engine. For who noticed that, it sounds similiar to the one from the IVECO Turbo 190-38, because both have the same 17.2-liter V8 engine (launched in 1976 and dismissed in 1999). This EuroStar by Diablo looked a bit “shallow” to me, it look like it missed something, so I put my hands on it, and for the first time here we have a REAL EuroStar! At least that’s why I “reworked” this mod. Anyway, I hope you like it and enjoy!

Diablo, Kriechbaum, badass22


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37 thoughts on “Iveco EuroStar (reworked)

  1. nice work !!.the italian stallion is still alive… thanks for sharing

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    badass22 question, did you ask yourself a bit of trouble and asked for permission to edit?

    1. PolishDriverTruck

      Diablo is me

      1. Sorry I didn’t know you were the author. I already gave you credit for the model, but if you want me to take it down, I can do it.

        1. PolishDriverTruck

          do not take off

    2. lordmodets2

      I am not trying to criticize anyone, but it is interesting to ask permission to edit a mod, I think that putting the credits right is enough, since it is very difficult to believe that moders ask official permission for SCS Software (only has the legal rights of the game) to edit and create the mods …

      1. ABSOLUTELY !!!

        1. PolishDriverTruck

          if you’re approaching things, do whatever you want with this modem, how I will find time to upgrade it

          1. PolishDriverTruck

            I will watch your progress on it

          2. lordmodets2

            I’m not arguing over your ability to make mods or not, and I do not even care to do that, I’m just saying that you’re forgetting who has the rights to this game, it’s SCS Software, more than that does not imply that the person you edit your mod forget to put the credits, and this he did, or not?

          3. PolishDriverTruck

            but I do not say anything anymore, I wrote I am waiting for your updates

          4. can you bring this up to date please 1.39-1.40

  3. Can you fix the overbright windows and windshield?

    1. This is a very good question. As I said, I didn’t make the model of this truck. It was Diablo. I just edited the engine data and made a V8 sound mod for the 520 HP engine. I hope Diablo (or anyone else) will fix the windows and windshield issue, and maybe adding something as accessory like sideskirts or trailer boxes for the tandem chassis.
      Now I’m working on the transmissions the EuroStar had in real life. One of them (ZF 16S221) is done. I’m working on the Eaton Fuller TS16612. I’ll fix these things on it, and then I’ll see if someone will upgrade the model.

  4. Crashes for me, when i try to enter the truck.

    1. I’m running ETS 2 on 1.30 version, when I went to buy this truck it crashed only when I went to the dealership. But when I tried to buy it online, I selected “personal configuration” put the EuroStar cab, with all the other things, then I bought it online and everything went fine. At least it worked for me by doing it like this.

      1. lordmodets2

        could you tell me which trailer is this from the image, and if it is for patch 1.28.x, I’ll thank you for the response.

          1. lordmodets2

            very grateful fellow

      2. Buying was no problem. But when i wanted to drive it, thats when it crashed. I wanted to get in the truck, but the game didnt even load, it directly crashed

  5. CROmanjonac

    thank you for this!

  6. Hm, pmg files 2016….

  7. This is a joke, right? The mirrors don’t work, they just show the previous image from the last truck. It didn’t occur to you to “rework” that, did it? Pathetic.

    1. I reworked the technical data, not the model, as said in the description.

      1. PolishDriverTruck

        for this you should do it as an improvement fix

        because you only added defy and you left the model not working properly on ver 1.30 correctly
        I am working on an update I have 70% made

        1. So where have I to post it in? Parts/Tuning?

  8. Game Chrash when i would drive this Truck….

    Greetings Raven

  9. Looking forward for a working version of this nice truck, with working mirrors and without crashes. currently I manage to go online in Iveco, make any update and buy the truck, however when going for a ride game hangs a second then crashes, tested with/without other mods and it’s the same.
    please fix and re-upload it 😉

  10. UPDATE : New ZF 16S221 and Eaton Fuller TS 16612 transmissions added.

  11. The game crashes as soon you select the Iveco dealer

  12. found one mistake on the canada style mirrors, it makes crashing… you can select it, add it to the trucks but as soon as you want to drive the game crashes. weird but there is nothing in gamelog,

  13. wish it would work crashed the game

  14. DarthPutin

    Any normal test video?

  15. Scorpion_King

    It crashes in my ETS! I have the latest version. Please, fix it!
    EuroTech is my favorite truck.

  16. Awesome Mod

  17. why my game crashes as soon as i buy it???
    Please reload it to the most recent version, i love this truck.

  18. Aggiornate non solo l’eurostar ma tutta la mod, compreso l’eurotech e i telai, per la versione 1.30 per favore, io adoro questi due camion.

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