Iveco Eurostar v1.0 beta

I created this iveco Eurostar based on an old mod, I wanted to make it more like the real one and improving and adding some accessories!

The mod was tested in version 1.44 but also works in 1.43
This mod is V 1.0 Beta, there will be many versions in the future.

The basic mod will be free, those who want to have the truck with accessories soon on my facebook profile will come out some paid addons!

When you download the file it must be placed directly in the mod folder, the file must not be opened !!!

Without Antonio62’s consent I could not have done this mod, thank you very much!

Spero che la mod vi piace, per qualsiasi problema contattami:

Matte Truckstyling, Antonio62, Diablo, Baltazar


13 thoughts on “Iveco Eurostar v1.0 beta

  1. I would say very nice for the world of walt disney is just like a cartoon.
    and do you have the courage to ask for money? ahahahahhaahha

  2. beautiful mod, fantastic, I was looking for it for a long time it is up to various expansions and accessories for tuning

  3. i can’t open and extact the file.

    1. Carrozzeria Matteo

      Il file non va estratto

  4. Casual Gaming

    Here is the gameplay video (1080p60)

  5. @dr_jaymz

    its a good effort but still need a lot of work to be a paid mod. Cheers!

  6. bsarment85

    The file is corrupt.

  7. Webbo's Simulation Gaming

    HD Test Drive video:

  8. Webbo's Simulation Gaming

    Due to Youtube screw up Re-Uploaded HD Test Drive Video:

  9. He man! The file is damage!

  10. file is damaged and not working

  11. Where is the real sound of 520 V8 engine, the in this mod isn’t a V8 of real engine. Please record the real sound of italian 520 V8 engine do it for the italian players and the other, you can do it.

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