Iveco EuroTech and EurorStar by Diablo BETA

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Hello, it seems my edits Iveco is beta but will no longer be edited further has as much to do, but it is already working on the road version That will be further developed, so arm yourselves with cierpliwość.w this version added chassis BDF as the film is registrations and I improved a little model I’m sorry for my English

Author: Diablo


10 thoughts on “Iveco EuroTech and EurorStar by Diablo BETA

  1. please cabin dlc pls

  2. Thanks needs some improvements but is the only Iveco that is well made.

  3. there is much to improve, so I do another mod of this Iveco, that I will not continue, arm yourselves with patience, in this new work already begun, because it seems a pity to delete

  4. files its not work

  5. Aleksandr

    how install the mod?? i dont have file scs but i have def veihcle sound…

  6. “That will be further developed, so arm yourselves with cierpliwość”

    Nie złapało Tobie słowa w translatorze 😛

    Żeby nie było że się tylko czepiam,mod ok,czekam na to żeby było można dodawać dodatki do kabin.Jedyny błąd jaki napotkałem to lewy błotnik…czasem go nie ma a czasem jest różowy,nie wiem co jest tego powodem ale jakoś bardzo mi to nie nie przeszkadza.

  7. How i install the mod???

  8. please update it for working 1.27.2.x!

  9. nice

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