Iveco EuroTech and EurorStar by Diablo v0.2 + DLC ACCESSORY


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Hi, I added tuning Dlc Accessory,Dlc Flag
It is forbidden to change the link to download
I allow you to edit on their own without the possibility of release without my permission
I allow you to insert on other forums but keep the link to download and video
as we will respect I give subsequent editions of the dlc cabin accessory
I greet and wish nicer game
Tomorrow will be a link because I have something else to improve
I invite you to assess

KOKI, Ant457, Diablo


7 thoughts on “Iveco EuroTech and EurorStar by Diablo v0.2 + DLC ACCESSORY

  1. Does this have a skin template ?

  2. is not yet .Work over and under the shields, I will try to add in the next upgrade

  3. Just want to say keep up! Support!
    Thank you for your work, and hope to see more updates.
    Also the interior you are working for this truck is great, but steering wheel is the biggest problem right now.

  4. how do I install this mod?

    1. Adriandelahunedoara

      Just put the file into your mod folder, the game can read .zip files. You can also change the extension of the file from .zip to .scs.

  5. can+you+add+sideskirts?

  6. Scorpion_King

    Can you update it to 1.28 version, please?

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