Iveco EuroTech and EuroStar BY DIABLO Alpha

Iveco-EuroTech-and-EuroStar-3 Iveco-EuroTech-and-EuroStar-2 Iveco-EuroTech-and-EuroStar-1

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Hello, it seems alpha versions on request viewers to my YouTube channel is a version for the Alpha test can you submit blends as well as proposals for further development of this module
mod is a standalone
lightmak full
2 versions of the interior
tested on 1.24 ….

as you know of original authors let know in the comment to append

how to link stopped working please report it to me to change my new
do not do it alone respect individuals and their time is devoted to treating it

I allow you to insert on other forums provided the orginalnego video and a link to download
sorry for my English

Author: Diablo


21 Responses to Iveco EuroTech and EuroStar BY DIABLO Alpha

  1. Wolfblood says:

    Original Autors : Саня Сентяков, ventyres

  2. Scooby123 says:

    Very nice trucks. Great job

  3. AleRugg2 says:

    Thanks for this mod. A new steering wheel and cabin dlc and it’s perfect.

  4. Sebix says:

    trailer link pls

  5. Diablo says:

    We regret to wear in August with the intention to cancel the insertion of video and its models on by this fool at me non-stop slanders but Enough is enough and denigrates my wife and for this I can not let niestyty but the moderator can not do anything after the deleting stupid post, sorry for my english

  6. VladRus says:

    Diablo, realise your Ford Transit please! It´s awesome!! 🙂

  7. BS1 says:

    Thank you!
    I love 1990s trucks, and this is the last one of the big seven which was not modded for ETS2.

    – BS1

  8. Zwiefl says:

    You not the right Author of this Mod. Write the original Credits of the Truck

  9. ETS2 MAN says:

    Are you going to realise your Ford Transit?

  10. Diablo.Mods says:

    no, rather longer do I give, hurt me and my wife
    Post today issued

    Yeah click all on my youtube Channel i need more youtube Dollar for my wife. She need big tits. My Channel Youtube.

  11. Diablo says:

    at home to change the author’s what entered here can not be changed
    thank you

  12. Nic says:

    i need more youtube Dollar for my wife. She need big tits<== please load this up on my Youtubebechannel titsfortrucking.mod *gg*

  13. Wowilla says:

    Тягач – супер ! Но ему не хватает хорошего звучания !!!

  14. Ahmet Özkul says:

    My game is crashing with this mod. Original game and no mods used.

  15. Alex23ITA says:

    with this mod crashes my game , how can I do

  16. BANSHEE says:

    Please make a template

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