Iveco Eurotech & Eurostar


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Standalone trucks, paitable, metallic, chassis, interiors, tuning.
Both are updated for new version and tested.

Саня Сентяков, ventyres.


18 thoughts on “Iveco Eurotech & Eurostar

  1. Please template

  2. link trailer in the first photo please?

  3. what are those trailers pls?

  4. Any Russians listening? What’s with you guys and these tacky curtains and flags? I don’t mean to offend but I am actively apart of many simulator modding communities and these flags and curtains always pop up with Russian mods. I wouldn’t mind them if there was an option to remove them but to have them unremovable makes trucks like this annoying to play with for me and probably many others who are not apart of your culture.

    1. totally agree

      1. me too.
        It’s boring. Always those curtains and flags. Make them an option! Why cannot we choose to have them or not?
        And you put them on every truck! Doesn’t matter if it’s an american or italian or swedish truck!!

        1. I agree.

    2. @dr_jaymz

      agree too, dont like those courtains or any of those “mods” for the dashboard

  5. alexandrusava93

    Nice trucks!

    Can you upload here trailer from firs image ?

    TY !

  6. Why the Russian Plate and these Flags in the interior? -.-

  7. please trailer of first photo

  8. i agree with the comments about making the curtains etc optional,i own and drive my own truck (real life) and do not have curtains hanging over my main windscreen,or flags. in fact the flgs/penants are illegal in he uk as they restrict vision. so please modder. make them an opion. the trucks look great by the way.

  9. superman5499

    can you move the curtain out?

  10. What is this cluttered interior? If there were options to remove everything there, but no … unplayable …

  11. Don’t work 1.22;(

  12. does it work on 1.24?

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