Standalone bus
Sold at a mods dealer;
1 engine and 3 gearbox;
Various tuning;
Your own interior;
Own sounds;
Its own bus physics;
Experimental support for ETS2 1.42
Some things may not work in Convoy
For the game version 1.41. x, 1.42 beta

Etrusan, domcek, 50keda, Kescrole, Lelo_10, Clement, Gwendal


7 thoughts on “IVECO EVADYS V1.0.10.42

  1. Rebell Copyrights

    Can I ask why you not update your mods on Steam Workshop as the Karosa update came out last week or 2 weeks from now and I still didnt received an update from Workshop.

  2. CanadianMaps

    Mod’s decent, nice interior. Only 1 problem: the steering wheel has no working animation.

  3. steering wheel has no working animation and the navigator does not turn on

  4. Hadyn Broadhurst

    Great sounds and great MOD overall only issue is witht eh steering wheel not having an animation.

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