Iveco Hi-Land Concrete Mixer

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-Mods Some Features-
Slot Bumper
Slot Bumper
Slot Fenders
Slot Mixer Coating
The car has been converted to ETS2 from the beginning.

You can buy the vehicle from the IVECO gallery.
NOTE: Buy the tool by clicking “Go to the Selected Gallery”.

People who help: Metehan Bilal, Erdem Kuzey, Samet Arıkan, Harun Aras, Musa Çakır, Ensar Karyağdı, Digorlu Umut, Yasin Çalım, Nazımcan Küçükateş, Alp Bey

Mod Maker: Semih Köseoğlu

Semih Köseoğlu


5 thoughts on “Iveco Hi-Land Concrete Mixer

  1. ChrisMaximus

    ETS2 v1.34 I Mod ▶️ Iveco Hi-Land Concrete Mixer I Betonmischer

  2. Bodyguardxp

    iVECO Hi-LAND, Beton MiKSERi Modu #ETS2

  3. parola de a putea umbla in arhiva ?>

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