Iveco Hi-Way 4×2 removable sideskirts re-edit


Here’s a another quick edit to the Iveco Hi-Way: the permanently
attached sideskirts on the 4×2 chassis can now be removed.

This mod only works on patch 1.4.0 and higher.

Full credits:

Base model: SCS Software
Edit: pez2k
Blender2SCS: 50keda


3 thoughts on “Iveco Hi-Way 4×2 removable sideskirts re-edit

  1. Nice mod ! Can you make shorter 6×2 chassis for Iveco hi-way ? it will be amazing

  2. Gal Anonim 1116

    short to all if it can be


    krótkie do wszystkich jeżeli można


  3. hi Scs Staff, why can’t you send to us the Volvo FH 2013 as add-on ? will be soooooooo NICE ;D please.

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