Iveco Hi Way Hoyer Skin


Tested on 1.26.x

v1 with skins for:

SCS Iveco HiWay

For info on matching cistern and ADR signs for the truck please refer
to readme.txt!



5 thoughts on “Iveco Hi Way Hoyer Skin

  1. Beavis the trucks are Red by Hoyer,im drive der in rotterdam

    1. FarmerBeavis

      I know that the majority of the Hoyer fleet is red but Hoyer Germany indeed has white trucks as well…


      I have a MAN skin for a red Hoyer truck kicking around somewhere – maybe I’ll post that soon 🙂

      Happy trucking

      1. FyfferPlay

        Last week I saw a Hoyer truck which was green and white on the A7 from Hamburg to Hannover

  2. Niet alle vrachtwagen rood! Sommige is wit!

  3. Beavis its good in germanie

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