Iveco Hi-Way Skin Afriquia Gaz A For ETS2

Hi, Salam, Azul

Tested on 1.30.

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Copy the Truck Iveco Hi-Way A.scs to Folder Mod

By MiccOne MedEl


MiccOne MedEl


16 thoughts on “Iveco Hi-Way Skin Afriquia Gaz A For ETS2

  1. sheppardpat47

    Please stop making skins, it’s ugly!!

    1. Yes, you are right, it´s more than ugly… 🙁

    2. MiccOne MedEl

      Thank you

  2. I see this site turns into a garbage dump for self-assertion of underdeveloped youngsters …

    On a site it is necessary to make a ranking of mods on likes and dislikes !!!!!!!!

    Otherwise among this [email protected]$H it is impossible to find anything worthwhile !!!

  3. azul

  4. MiccOne MedEl

    Do you know that you are racist and not racist

    1. *facepalm*

    2. You really think that people should endure what you are doing?
      Have you seen any skins of other authors?
      You do not want to first just have to learn and only then share that with everyone?
      We have blood from the eyes when we see this !!!


  5. MiccOne MedEl

    What do you mean

  6. MiccOne MedEl

    These trucks or designs are not European

    1. But this is an EUROPEAN site!
      Why you do not post this at the not European sites?

      If it’s skins of real companies – please post also real photos!

    2. I think you must make a TANKS skin pack, or combo skin pack.
      But not truck skin ONLY!
      Otherwise it looks strange…
      We have megaton ###### skins for truck but few of tanks !!!
      Maybe you’ll be the first !
      DO IT!
      And good luck!

  7. MiccOne MedEl

    Had Li Designer Azin Rah Moroccain Machi Deal Europa

  8. MiccOne MedEl

    thank you all

  9. Nice one 😉

    1. MiccOne MedEl

      Thank You Ahmed

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