Iveco Hi Way Tandem

Iveco Hi Way Tandem

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Tested in version 1.16, 1.17 , 1.18.x and 1.19

For skin requests:
[email protected]
Keep the original link please

Authors: joaoppg, Flemming Vinge, SCS and Blender (with 50keda’s Blender plugin) Skin Zoso


9 Responses to Iveco Hi Way Tandem

  1. pl_tv_software says:

    Video review HD:

  2. zoso says:

    very nice trailer universal
    the credit of the skins is yours
    Authors: Vinge Flemming, SCS and Blender (with 50keda’s Blender plugin) zoso_ Skins Joaoppg,

    • Joaoppg says:

      thanks zoso
      I do not want to copy the work of anyone
      if you need something can contact me

      joaoppg Global Mods

  3. zoso says:

    Ok !!
    ciao ciao
    I do not speak english

  4. nmgsyp says:

    carsh in !

  5. Gortan says:

    CRASH,CRASH,CRASh on 1.19.2.

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