Iveco Lights

lights iveco 1 lights iveco 2

New Lihgts For Iveco Truck
Tested: 1.3.1 Version

Author: _dalnoboj_


9 Responses to Iveco Lights

  1. vlad says:

    guys give me a link to these wheels [email protected]

  2. MCLAREN says:

    Please, give a link for wheels.

  3. pajo666 says:

    please link for wheels [email protected]

  4. Sintra1 says:

    It’s possible to tell us were did you get the new truck IVECO, and those wheels, or chassi???
    Thank you.

  5. Tim says:

    Please, iam 13 years old, and i play ets2, can u give me the iveco truck from the picture?! Thanks! Tim Seerden , The Netherlands

  6. Daniil says:

    But it is my mod.
    And author Daniil. (I am)

  7. viper21 says:

    get we get the chassi and the wheels???

  8. norule says:

    hi.. I’m new in this game. Can you tell me how you make that hight chassis? Thanks before..

  9. HAJ says:

    Hi dude Can you send me wheel mode of this truck
    [email protected]


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