Iveco Lights

lights iveco 1 lights iveco 2

New Lihgts For Iveco Truck
Tested: 1.3.1 Version

Author: _dalnoboj_


9 thoughts on “Iveco Lights

  1. guys give me a link to these wheels [email protected]

  2. Please, give a link for wheels.

  3. please link for wheels [email protected]

  4. Hello
    It’s possible to tell us were did you get the new truck IVECO, and those wheels, or chassi???
    Thank you.

  5. Please, iam 13 years old, and i play ets2, can u give me the iveco truck from the picture?! Thanks! Tim Seerden , The Netherlands

  6. But it is my mod.
    And author Daniil. (I am)

  7. get we get the chassi and the wheels???

  8. hi.. I’m new in this game. Can you tell me how you make that hight chassis? Thanks before..

  9. Hi dude Can you send me wheel mode of this truck
    [email protected]


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