Iveco Magirus 360 M v 1.32.3

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This mod is adaptet by me from 1.21 to 1.32.
The mod have this tuning:
2x cabin: with spoiler, without spoiler
2x chassis: red and grey (all 4×2)
1x engine: 420hp
2x gearboxes: ZF AS TRONIC 12, ZF AS TRONIC R 12 (retard)
1x interior
3x paintjobs: normal, metallic and original liveries
No accessories (only wheels)
Small interior tuning.

Mixer66 (adapter), ventyres (mod)


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13 thoughts on “Iveco Magirus 360 M v 1.32.3

  1. Lilo is Good

    Thank you for sharing this undriveable truck

    1. Mirror No work! Fake old mod………..

      1. coming from someone who don’t have talent with mods lol

      2. This is a very old mod, I try to adapter the mod to 1.32 but I fault, I hope someone takes care of it and upgrade the mod with new textures and more… I only tried to adapt this mod, my mistake…

  2. do not download this mod closes the game 1.32.3

  3. nektarios543

    is it have adaption to trailer cables?

  4. Greatest Mod ever……nothing works except engine start stop

  5. crashed the game for me with no nods

  6. Sorry guys we try to fix the problem, maybe this week we can fix it. Very sorry 🙁

    1. Truckercharly

      Verry important rule: Never, realy NEVER EVER you should test your mod. Every time first upload and than let test the comunity and wait for the results. you must upload realy ervery time untested mods. To test the mod before upload is strong forbidden.

      1. Yeah, I forgot but yesterday me and my friend we have release a fix for truck. 4 or 5 days ago I published other mod, was a skin for own trailer called and I tested it maybe 3 or 4 times, I think that mod works fine; sure its a easy mod but I am new in the world of modding, I will try to learn more…

  7. Finally someone leaked this. Thank you!

    – BS1

  8. Hey guys this is the fix for Magirus
    -Mirror fix
    -Add cables
    -Add advenced coupling

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