Iveco Stralis leti7kedil Edition


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Iveco Stralis leti7kedil Edition Truck

Author: leti7kedil


7 thoughts on “Iveco Stralis leti7kedil Edition

  1. I dont mean you GostRunner. I mean letikedil. the “moder” 🙂

  2. I have the same opinion with you GhostRunner

    1. No one asked you your opinion.

  3. GhostRunner

    OK sorry, I thought you said it for me.

    Pseudo Turkish moders are thieves, we got proof with the big pack maghetto, and now as they can not steal anything, it makes them like ####

  4. Ok, its ok! 🙂

    Pseudo Turkish modders are not smart enough.that’s why steal from others

  5. OverSpeed RO

    Bravo , bravo…stii sa injuri . 🙂

  6. bende bir türküm marifetlerini göster madafaka.

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