Iveco Stralis Mod


Iveco Stralis BearTec 4×2 Long Ranger: 2200 Liter Dieseltanks;
Iveco Stralis BearTec 6×2 Long Ranger: 1000 Liter Dieseltanks;
Iveco Stralis BearTec 6×4 Long Ranger: 1900 Liter Dieseltanks;
Iveco Stralis BearTec 8×4 SLT: 600 Liter Dieseltank;
New interior;
Motors R6 380 Ps 2550Nm, R6 500Ps 3300Nm, 10 and 12 gear

Author: Gorli


11 Responses to Iveco Stralis Mod

  1. jesper says:

    …super cool mod…thanks…

  2. Benny BB says:

    Nice mod, no bugs that i can see.. but anyone know when this comes for Scania and MAN?

  3. jesper says:

    …works fine in game… thanks again…

  4. Goran says:

    Great mod!!! It would be great to see Mercedes or DAF looking just like this.

  5. Mak-Kyver says:

    mercedes and volvo 8×4 is allready made!!

  6. Hauler says:

    that truck is great, but could you please lower it to the hight of an normal Iveco? the bullbars don’t fit any more, they are hovering in front of the truck. Thanks in advance

  7. Superwerke says:

    The shadows of the truck are not configured properly, which gives a false appearance. And make it very ugly. The 4×2 chassis is too long, the cabins of all chassis are too high, which makes accessories stay afloat. Horrible. Is poorly done, needs improvement. Still, I thank the author who was well intentioned.

  8. Superwerke says:

    And these bizarre engines! A engine with 350hp NEVER generates 2500 nm of torque. Nonsense. BearTec? No, it is ChildTec. It is a simulator, not a game for imaginative children.

    • Decimal says:

      LOL thats what you think mate, but sadly it’s the ones wearing the dirty diapers that are making the mods for this GAME,,


  9. Melphiz says:

    Man, the interior does not work, only the brown mats are shown, nothing is white.

  10. Melphiz says:

    Somehow it appears, the game loads from man_tgx\interior and not from iveco_stralis\interior, so I had to put a new folder into the mod and place the white as leather at MAN.

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