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Iveco Strator v 2.0

Iveco-Strator-1 Iveco-Strator-2 Iveco-Strator-3

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Version 2.0:
* Fixed mistake or bug
* Console now is clear
* Fixed the chassis shadow
* Fixed the some tuning parts
* Remove the empty sideskirt slot
* Remove the empty exhaust slot
* Added uk exclusive interior & fix the standard uk interior
* Added real strator sideskirt with many slot and now support paintjob
* Added 3 type chassis (6×4 – 6×2 middle stear & 6×2 middle stear taglift)
* Added 400 & 460 & 540 & 1000 hp engine
* Added 2 type aircondition (Exterior + Interior)
* Added more parts

All tamplate is include
Next update coming for holland style Parts

***It is not allowed to edit this mod & Don´t upload this file on other hoster***

Author: SHOOFER (EM Team)


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73 Responses to Iveco Strator v 2.0

  1. mike says:

    HELL YEAH!!!! Thank you for updating that beast. Please keep going friend.

  2. WobblyCaptain says:

    Yeah more power great truck

  3. yra says:

    На hai way

  4. Jessie says:

    Download keeps failing?

  5. losevo58 says:

    Если у этой версии физика такая же как и на предыдущей версии, то такой грузовик никуда не годен. Автор! В каждой версии ETS2, изменяется физика машин, так что и Вы, не отставайте от времени !!
    Удачи! Но ФИЗИКА в первую очередь.

    If this version of the physics is the same as the previous version, this truck is good for nothing. Author! Each version ETS2, change the physics of cars, so that you do not stray from time to time !!
    Good luck! But physics in the first place.

    • Odin says:

      Сохатый рукожоп.что нехватка соли лосяра???вот возьми хоть что нибудь сделай а не как всегда совать свой нос куда собака свой х.. не сунет!

  6. Midnigt says:

    Конь, вернее Лось, ты перестанешь срать под каждым модом придурок. Ты сам то что сделал, кроме своих тупых коментов. На рогах у себя физику поменяй, а то походу как зацепился ими так и висишь уже который год. Нечего тебе хорошего и полезного сказать – так лучше молчи нахуй вообще…… Эксперт хренов.

  7. GadreeL says:

    Thank you again… AWESOME!!

  8. matpol98 says:

    The only iveco i will ever me confortable to drive xD

  9. to losevo58 says:

    лох ты есть одним словом

  10. Phoenix says:

    Super mod man, great work on it, to have a mod so complete at V2 is really some good work, I think RJL Scania T has some competitions now great work, and I can’t wait to see how this mod progresses.

  11. serup says:

    why can i not download it !!!!

  12. maxheat says:

    Thanks SHOOFER (EM Team) i love your truck, but you need play RJL scania T , will find Cabin physics problem . Sorry..my english from google.

  13. Ghostrider2800 says:

    Hi Shoofer,
    now your Strator is really awesome love it. Thank you so much!!!
    I have some suggestion for additional Options if you Planung a V3 in the future.

    1. The mirror holders could be painted in cap color as an Option.
    2. Adding the Hi-Way cab with interior as an possible Option
    3. Adding the Hi-Way E6 engines

    Just a few suggestion maybe they are interesting for you.

  14. Verdi says:

    One of the best trucks in a long while 🙂

  15. solaris36 says:

    First thank you too much for this awesome truck.
    Second….a red line on gamelog refers to 1000HP engine may be fixed:

    File “cursor14_1000hp.sii” into “def/vehicle/truck/iveco.s/engine”

    the line:

    accessory_engine_data : cursor14_1000hp.iveco.s.engine

    rename to (for example):

    accessory_engine_data : cur14_1000.iveco.s.engine

    and bye bye red line. 🙂

    Thank You again. The truck is awesome. 🙂

  16. jake_the_snake says:

    Great job. Don’t forget to update the wheels in next version. The mod still uses the f_wheel and r_wheel definitions instead of f_rim, f_tire, r_rim and r_tire ones.

  17. PentaYO says:

    Super mod, danke!

  18. Acciona says:

    Класс молодец ))))))

  19. Ghostrider2800 says:

    Hey Shoofer its me again, i found some minor issues which maybe could be solved in future versions.

    1. The windscreen whipers dont have a interval function.
    2. The fuel capacity is rather small with 400l. if iam not mistaken the Strator has 2x450l.
    3. The truck needs a pretty big circle to drive around corners in the citys. I think this should be corrected.

  20. Penelope Nitales says:

    I have a little issue, i am getting a texture glitch in the stearing wheel in the exclusive interior.

  21. shoofer says:

    Follow me on instagram @ten.tuning21

  22. Ghostrider2800 says:

    I have one more Thing. Like i said in my first post it would me very nice if you could add:

    1. paintable mirror holder but i forgot to say paintable rear axle Fenders would be very nice too.
    2. A diamond surfaceplate on the back of the truck in crome and as option in vechicle color like RJL did it with his Scania T cab would be very nice aswell.

    Oh yes before i Forget it. The Strator with Hi-Way cab doesnt have only a differently looking bumper it has different headlights too with “daytime drive LED´s”.

    Maybe this pic helps a bit.


  23. paul says:

    hey shoofer nice truck but could you make a nice engine sound mod that would go well with this truck cheers

  24. ariaei-group-pc says:

    My Telegram Channel:

  25. David A King says:

    When you put skirts on and then try to add lights there are none available. Have 50k’s light packs that works on every other truck. Might look intothat for future updates.

    • jake_the_snake says:

      Lights are available, but you must turn the camera, so you see the other side of the truck. If I remember well, you have to look at the right side of the truck even if you wish to add lights to the left sideskirt.

      • Zyron says:

        I have the same problem. The lights are not availible, there’s nothing to choose from. It’s not only the sidesksirt, it’s the same everywhere on the truck. No lights/acsessories showing up.. I tried diffrent load order, but still same result.

  26. WangeloITA says:

    1080p Test video (OF 1.0 Version) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p93q7pQCMeY

  27. Rookie_One says:

    It seems to cause crashes in quick jobs since last update, do you need a game.log or can you reproduce the bug on your side ?

  28. Odin says:

    И вообще гоните на хер этого лося продажную сучку если он своих предал.то вас литовцев и подавно!!!

  29. Theosz says:

    TY for update but…

    why use host uploadboy? There are so many faster than this one

    This host is terrible, veeery slow – 50 kbps /s

    20 minutes for downloading? please, add another fastest host like Mediafire. Even sharemods is faster than this turtle.


  30. Theosz says:


    on my pc, in v1.22.2.3s, I can’t use for quick jobs.

    When I select only Iveco Trucks the game crashs. Can help?

    I tested using only this mod. I was playing with Quick Jobs by Pendragon.


    00:00:43.452 : Incompatible save game loaded.
    00:00:58.938 : [fs] Failed to open file “/def/vehicle/truck/iveco./data.sii” in the read_only mode
    00:00:59.037 : [fs] Failed to open file “/def/vehicle/truck_company_uk/iveco_s_4x2_a.sii” in the read_only mode
    00:00:59.038 : load_unit_tree() – Failed to open file (/def/vehicle/truck_company_uk/iveco_s_4x2_a.sii)
    00:00:59.273 : [fs] Failed to open file “/def/vehicle/truck/iveco./data.sii” in the read_only mode
    00:00:59.273 : load_unit() – Failed to open file (/def/vehicle/truck/iveco./data.sii)
    00:00:59.273 : Truck data is missing! Trying to use a fallback truck!

  31. Adolfo Pinto says:

    good evening friend, your truck is excellent in the game, but I would like it to be upgraded to the 2015 version of the truck Strator Euro6 the following video you dare, you have to change the interior by the Stralis Hi-Way, as well as the headlights and the side of the cab Active Space Super Strator stamped with the name, it would be great to have these options in addition to those already created, I hope you take into account my suggestion


  32. Adolf95 says:

    Add 8×4 chassis and 1200hp engine and I’m much more happier

  33. Redneck50 says:

    Nice truck, needs the fuel capacity raised when you have the two larger tanks on it. it still runs on the lower capacity tank. Needs more accessories for the rear.

  34. Splop10 says:

    This truck gave me a reason to buy an Iveco. 🙂

    Just a couple of tiny things – the Canadian style mirrors seem to be bugged for me. They show up just fine on the truck, but the mirror part doesn’t work. Also the front UK number plate is the wrong color – It should be white instead of yellow.

    Other than those this is perfect. 🙂

  35. JulesTheTrucker says:

    Awesome mod,looks great.Unfortunately its still feels like an iveco… Thanks for making it though!

  36. Ермек says:

    Привет SHOOFER. Отличный грузовик. У меня есть пожелания по этому грузовику, сделай пожалуйста Стратор шасси BDF tandem как у Flemming V. Я люблю тандем грузовики, но у тебя нет такого Стратор. Спасибо.

  37. rookie_one says:

    Is a 1.23 version in the work ?

  38. Ghostik says:

    Where i can buy this truck ?

  39. adam says:

    does it appear in the ai?:D

  40. Theosz says:

    Карен Григорян, please, update to v1.24+

  41. Harald-RS says:

    Can you update your Truck for the new Patch 1.24 and the new Flag DLC please.

  42. Enfield says:

    Why it doesn’t have “Canopy” paintjob? I’m pissed with the fact that almost any mod has the ETS2 default paintjobs, is there any explanation? Is it so hard to add it or something?


  43. Rastogan says:

    Any chance to update for the new patch 1.25? The steering wheel has disappeared

  44. JonTheVGNerd says:

    Bad news, people; steering wheel vanishes in the v1.25 update. Please fix this issue ASAP. Thank you.

  45. altair says:

    Please update for the new v1.25. Truck is very good! Thank you.

  46. Chris says:

    Please do an upfate for ETS2 1.26
    Your Strator is awesome. Lots of tuning possibilites and the special paintjobs are all working great.

    Maybe you could make the 1.000 HP engines aviable at level 20+?
    Level two is far to low for such engines.

  47. Chris says:

    Hi Shoofer, you have made a really nice Iveco.

    Could you please do an update for V1.26?

    There are texture problems with the interieur, all control lamps in the dashboard, the exterieur high beam lights “Lumen Chrom”.

    But the paintjobs like for example “Aqua Serenity” or “Carbon Olive” or “Scales of Might” are all working well.

  48. Zori says:

    на 1.27 руля нет 🙁

  49. Kenseth says:

    Please update for the new v1.27xx

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