Iveco Strator version 07.08.19 (1.35.x)

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Iveco Strator – Iveco truck tractor with cab bonnet layout

– standalone
– Car dealership Iveco
– 3 cabins
– 11 chassis
– 17 engines
– 9 gearbox
– your sounds
– 4 interiors (2 left-hand drive and 2 right-hand drive)
– 6 of their skins + painting (including metallic)
– Cab accessory support
– Great tuning

Version 07.08.19 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.35.x):

– Adapted for 1.35.x
– Updated files

Author: Shoofer (E.M Team)
Author of adaptation: sdonbass18

Shoofer(E.M Team), sdonbass18


9 thoughts on “Iveco Strator version 07.08.19 (1.35.x)

  1. 1/10……

  2. I like this truck but unfortunately is very badly done! it contains a lot of modified files of the original Iveco and the interior is the worse. since it changes also the interior of the scs Iveco it’s not worth keeping it. after removing all iveco stralis files from it, and revert the interior to the original, it could be playable 😉

    1. totally agree with you

  3. Good truck! 5+

  4. There is no adaptation for 1.35, only updating models
    another fake from sdonbass18

  5. Fabien navailles

    non bas le camion deconne a chaque fois que tu achete tu revient sur la page windows donc impossible de le modifier

  6. jayontheway228
  7. FailShady

    The right hand drive is full bugged.

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