Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84 1.1 (.37)

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1.1 Changelog

– Fixed glasses opacity
– Fixed shadows and ui shadows
– Fixed trailer shaking
– Fixed 4×2 chassis 3d parts overlap
– Fixed Hi-Way ui shadow compromised by the mod
– Fixed level 27 required to buy the truck
– Fixed wipers inside the front glass
– Fixed 4×2 physics
– Fixed skin selection errors
– Fixed Speedline rims misalignment (Gold Pack & Tuning Pack)
– Fixed missing hinges on refrigerated side doors (BDF & Gold Pack)
– Fixed left turned steel section on the refrigerated box (BDF & Gold Pack)
– Fixed inverted curtainside trailer def info (BDF & Gold Pack)
– Fixed missing badge for 645 Hp engine (Tuning Pack & Gold Pack)

– Added Fmod Engine sound
– Added interior and exterior windows and buttons animations
– Stock cargo prices
– Added “Hard Economy” mod for all the trailers, with realistic cargo prices (optional)
– Changed “White Ice” skin and accessories (Gold Pack)
– Added Speedline version 2 (Tuning Pack)
– Added Iveco rims cover (Gold Pack)
– Added 190 48 skin selection for Tuning Pack

– Retarder sound (waiting for SCS Modding Wiki guides)
– Air Horn sound (waiting for SCS Modding Wiki guides)

Author: Ralf84 | Credits: Scaniaman1989, Fabian Modding, Ventyres, Dani Lee, Ekualizer, Peerke145, Kriechbaum, Mixer66, Baltazar


13 thoughts on “Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84 1.1 (.37)

  1. Antonhy03


    1. I´ve loading him this morning and in the Patch 1.37 are no Problems.
      You should have
      – Base
      – Part 1
      All others are Options.
      Otherwise, look to the Image “LOAD ORDER.png” in the Archiv

  2. Rusty Nail

    Now We’re talking!!! This is really good work, superrrr!!! This afternoon I drove him ,without my headphones, over the stereo. my girlfriend called from the stairs: “Is there a war going down in your room?” “the windshields are tremblin’, Think about the neighbours!”

    …that is, what I wanna hear….compliments, also on the team!

  3. Yusuf Cankurtaran
  4. Really nice truck, but how te get box on truck and box on trailer ?

    1. In options, when you are there in options move your truck a little until you see the point of option,

  5. Még jó,hogy megvásároltam a modot nem kevés pénzért ,most meg letölthető ingyen! Gratulálok

  6. Hi , I have a little problem with colour and skins, the iveco is always in black colour and I can’t change the colour or skins


  8. Copery Verdelimon

    VIDEO TEST ETS2 MODS 2020 – Copery TV [Verdelimon]

  9. HI, I have a problem eith this mod, when i’m driving with the semi version of this truck and i press ESC or the other buttons that brings me to a menu the game freezes and crashes.

  10. caloggero_21

    La mod sembra bella però ho provato a scaricarla da tutti e due i link ma il file non era più presente…

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