Iveco Turbostar Vbeta



The Iveco Turbostar now on ETS2!

-To fix the wheels buy the truck, close and reopen the game
-It doesn’t replace any truck, you find it in Volvo tuning
-You can choose the original Iveco interiors, base or exclusive
-You can add some tuning pieces
-It isn’t paintable

If you want to report a bug, make a question, modify something, write me at: [email protected]


3D model – Il bandito
mod – 98andrea98


13 thoughts on “Iveco Turbostar Vbeta

  1. Looks nice man,but unfortunately doesnt work for me,1.3.1 version,some help would be nice,thnx

    1. 98andrea98

      You must have a Volvo and go in “tuning”, then selcet “Cabina Turbostar”

      1. io seleziono la cabina e il gioco smette di funzionare

        1. anche a me 🙁

  2. 98andrea98

    If you don’t like it hold your comment.
    In Italy it’s a legendary truck…

  3. If you said that, that means that you are mad or something about that…

  4. No one will change your link for sure. Cause NO ONE WILL download this ####! If this look like Turbo Star to you than you are blind or something is wrong with you!

  5. GhostHunter

    it looks like the graphics of the Game Boy Advance!
    Stop with your convertions rotten, you spoil the game and you go ridiculous

  6. this truck look more on a fire truck what went wrong haha

  7. LOL next time at least look at the picture of a truck when making one.

  8. It could use some more work,but guys,try to apreciate people that work to make mods for us,we dont pay then,u got the truck for free,so who doesnt like it simply delete the mod and that’s it

  9. Mak-Kyver

    maybe u guys should do something else than whine “####” things.. DO BETTER! and clean your language!

  10. I select the cabin and the game stops working

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